We believe in you

The world is full of talent, of innovative ideas and new technologies to meet the challenges of retail. It's time to accelerate these projects and turn them into the sector’s successful businesses of the future.

The first edition of the Aragón Open Future_’s retail acceleration programme is here. The registration period to take part in this innovation programme opens on 15 December 2016 and runs until 26 January 2017.

The stakeholders involved in the retail value chain know first-hand the challenges to be faced on a daily basis. That's why the Aragón Open Future_ retail acceleration programme has worked with those involved from the very start.

The four challenges set for talented innovators and entrepreneurs were defined through a number of collaborative work sessions with local businesses. They will continue to be involved throughout the process; monitoring the selected projects as well as using the best solutions in their own businesses.

Challenge 1: Know the Customer: understand the customer’s behaviour to deliver a personalized experience.

Every retailer considers the way in which products are delivered at the point of sale: how to approach the customer, how to inform them, etc. In short, how to design an optimal experience for the greatest possible number of profiles. The first step is knowing the customer’s needs and tastes; the second, taking decisions to provide an optimal experience.

What are we looking for?

Through Big Data we can learn a great deal of information on our customers. Thanks to appropriate tools we will succeed in segmenting them so that we can offer them a tailored experience, allowing us to improve as retailers in critical cross-selling and loyalty indicators.

Challenge 2: Online and offline hybridization – the melding of the physical and digital world into a single shopping experience.

The gap between shopping online and at the physical point of sale is growing ever wider. Many retailers are worried about the trend towards online purchase by their customers, driven by the shopping experience e-commerce offers them, seeing how sales in their physical establishment dwindle.

What are we looking for?

Aiming to create a new shopping concept, the challenge is to break down the boundary between the online and offline world, enhancing the experiences that the physical point of sale can offer and using innovative techniques to merge the digital and offline worlds.

Challenge 3: Obtaining data as a process: optimizing the process of obtaining and making use of data.

Retailers are aware of the importance of obtaining data, but gathering and processing it may ultimately affect their activity. Furthermore, the number of variables these retailers handle is so diverse that dealing with the implementation of Big Data in the business to turn it into results that facilitate decision-taking is a complex matter.

What are we looking for?

The challenge lies in the entire data-gathering process: identification of data sources, processes that facilitate and streamline their processing, data-gathering protocol and tools to help in the decision-taking according to these data.

Technologies such as Big Data or NFC, techniques such as neuromarketing or product analysis, are only some examples of the many possibilities that exist to provide a response to this challenge.

Who can participate?

Any projects, whether national or international, whose application could directly or indirectly impact proximity commerce and address one or several of the challenges proposed by Aragón Open Future_.

Why participate?

It will be possible to test winning projects in a real retail environment thanks to the organisers themselves and their network of partners.