The physical space

A meeting point for all stakeholders in the retail sector value chain: a place for ideas and debate and for finding the most innovative solutions.

Crowdworking La Estación is the physical space of Aragón Open Future_’s retail innovation programme, located at Plaza de Utrillas 6, in Zaragoza. It is prepared for hosting personalised sessions for the selected projects as well as other types of activities and events open to the public. This space will become a hub for research and the evolution of the retail sector.

It's not called Crowdworking for nothing. It's located in the old Utrillas station, built in 1865. It was from this old railway station that the city of Zaragoza was supplied with coal for over 100 years.

This history and symbolism was maintained in the design and architecture of the Crowdworking space. Just like a train station, 'train tracks' are found throughout the infrastructure, with the aim of guiding users and visitors to the centre's main destinations (rooms). Each one of these rooms has a function, conceived to meet all the goals of this physical space.

Machine room

A dynamic space with three uses: different types of events for 40-50 people; training activities and open innovation dynamics.

Control room

More conventional meeting room, which will be used in the last phase of the creative process with the businesses in order to monitor implementation of the new ideas and new concepts. The room will have a capacity of 6-8 users.

Platforms 1 y 2

Rooms designed for immersion and for the development of the first phase of the creative process with the businesses. Here they will 'dive in' to better understand the problem. It's a room for concentration and isolation for groups of up to 6 people.

Relaxation carriage

Space destined for users' leisure, rest and networking.

The engine room

Crowdworking Room, a spacious work area where the acceleration process of selected projects will develop.

At Aragón Open Future_ we hope to continue to work with the stories to be found within the walls of this emblematic space and make new dreams and projects a reality.