Innovation in Retail

A space to innovate, create and kick start ideas and projects in order to provide solutions for the retail sector.

Zaragoza has become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship with the launch of the first acceleration centre for retail, promoted by Telefónica and TorreVillage ZIR as part of the Aragón Open Future_ programme.

With the launch of the Aragón Open Future_ acceleration centre for retail we are seeking to create an environment for creating and training suitable innovative teams, to accelerate technological or non-technological projects that can be applied to the retail framework in the short term. We have a number of aims; we want:

  • 1.

    To attract and retain innovative talent; we want to create a benchmark ecosystem in Europe to come up with future experiences and solutions that respond to the challenges of the retail industry and the value chain of the retail sector.

  • 2.

    To support, motivate and guide entrepreneurs so that their ideas and projects become real pilots in the market.

  • 3.

    To improve projection, stability and access to resources and financing innovative and entrepreneurial talent.

How does it work?

This programme is structured around two spaces:

  • The Telefónica Open Future_ platform is the digital environment where those with talent can find all the resources and tools necessary to develop their solutions and projects. This online tool already has a wide network of partners and investors on a global level, offering the perfect development opportunities to the projects that form part of Aragón Open Future_.

  • Crowdworking La Estación, located in the city of Zaragoza, will be the physical space where the activities of Aragón Open Future_ will be developed and housed.


After working on observing trends in the retail sector, 4 challenges have been identified in the value chain that need an innovative solution, whether based on technology or not. With their presented projects the finalists will have the opportunity to access the acceleration process, guided by a team of experts in innovation methodology and project development who will support and train them to develop their businesses and support them in the subsequent phase of implementation and/or evolution in the market place.

This applied innovation is one of our key techniques. The first edition of the retail acceleration programme is made up of a network of retail businesses spread throughout the territory of Aragón with which to collaborate for real market testing. Business pilots will be carried out in business environments.