Innovation in Retail

A space to innovate, create and kick start ideas and projects in order to provide solutions for the retail sector.

TorreVillage ZIR (T-ZIR) is an applied research centre for retail that seeks to create a unique ecosystem aimed at anticipating and creating commerce for the consumer of the future.

Today, retail faces several challenges: adapting to new business models based on emotional bonding that allow customers to live memorable experiences; and assimilating the digital transformation. This is why T-ZIR was born: to address the challenge of innovation together with the entire value chain of commerce and with a space enabling creativity and experimentation.

1st Edition of Retail Acceleration (2017):

Summary of last year’s edition:

In this way, Zaragoza becomes the hub of this pioneering ecosystem devoted to innovation in retail, hand in hand with the sector’s entire value chain.

These are our three main attributes:

  • OPEN INNOVATION: Our innovation centre is a system without entry barriers, open to the ideas of anyone associated with the retail industry or concerned with it. Talent is everywhere, and our goal is to draw it into our ecosystem to generate solutions.

  • COLLABORATIVE SYSTEM: We jointly investigate with those who share with us an interest in executing each project and the effort to develop it, in an environment in which each party contributes value so that everyone will win.

  • APPLIED RESEARCH: We diagnose needs in real environments and investigate specific solutions to implement in the same environment where a need has been identified.


We were the first Retail Accelerator in Spain. Within the framework of Aragón Open Future_, we work to shape innovative ideas into real businesses that transform retail.

With our acceleration programs we seek to devise the perfect ecosystem between start-ups and shops, for the creation and training of innovative teams qualified for accelerating technological and non-technological projects that can be applied within the short-term retail framework.